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Tall Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Pot

Our glazed pottery is handcrafted. Each piece is unique and variations in color glaze and small imperfections are natural results in the production of handmade pots. These variations give each pot character and beauty.
Glazes are the most often used form of pottery decoration. They come in a huge variety, including nearly every color imaginable and many types of textures.
  • all outdoor jar available in a choice of finishes
  • High-fired between 990 (terra cotta) and 1000 (glazed) degrees centigrade
  • Durable and frost-resistant
  • Handmade and hand glazed so imperfections may exist and should not be considered defects
  • Rigorously tested in freeze-thaw conditions
 Tall Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Pots

Products code : HPAN008
Group : Set of 3
Dimension : 70x150 60x115 48x85

Hoang Pottery Company is a reliable destination for your Vietnam pottery supply, as a one of the leading exporting and manufacturing establishments of gorgeous ornamental earthenware for Home and Garden in Vietnam, we now are able to serve our dear customers in the US, in Europe and in the most far-flung territories in the rest of the world with the greatest honor.
A very extensive range of high-fired pottery products that are sustainable to any weather condition and other assorted ceramic manufacturer, terra-cotta, terrazzo, fiberglass, sorts of stone, concrete artifacts.
For the past years we have put a lot of efforts to our our design capability to meet the demands of the most stringent boutique retailers, and have expanded our manufacturing capacity to fulfill the orders of many large international retailers. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

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Cheap ceramic flower pots

Cheap ceramic flower pots

Elegant and sophisticated, this ceramic flower pot trough planter exudes quality. The classic design of this low planter will grace any garden, balcony or patio with style.

It benefits from an authentic looking earthenware finish that will blend beautifully into natural surroundings. The clean lines and simple design will complement both traditional and contemporary settings. Subtle, stylish and effective at creating a beautiful feature that will give maximum impact when populated with fragrant shrubs, architectural plants or exotic blooms.

Not just for strawberries, the Cheap ceramic flower pots is beautifully made and crafted from strong and durable ceramic. Originally designed for growing strawberries, the three pocket design gives you a lot of freedom in arranging your favorite plants in new and unique ways. This planter is available in your choice of color so you can find the perfect match for your outdoor decor.

The outdoor glazed ceramic high quality resin planter will make a beautiful addition to any home or garden. This durable,ceramic outdoor planter will hold up in extreme weather, is UV protected to eliminate fading in the sun, and is resistant to chipping and cracking. Drainage holes can be easily drilled for use outdoors or left undrilled for indoor use.
Made in USA
Lightweight resin construction
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
UV resistant
Won't crack or chip in temperatures to -20 degrees Fahrenheit

Large outdoor glazed ceramic pot are perfect for planting bigger plants and various arrangements of flowers since they are able to support large root systems. Glazed ceramic as an insulator during colder weather protecting the roots from sudden temperature drops, and best of all - concrete is a natural theft deterrent. Drain holes at the bottom provide proper drainage.

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Vietnam outdoor glazed big size pot

Vietnam outdoor glazed big size pot

A must-have for forward thinking gardeners, this superb black Caoutdoor glazed Planter features a unique, natural and contemporary design. Made from crushed granite and marble and bonded together with resin to give it a heavyweight look, it is light enough to move around with little effort. You can create a really eye-catching, vibrant display of colour in this appealing Glazed ceramic Planter.

We know how much energy you pour into your outdoor gardens and landscaping, and we can assure you the Outdoor glazed ceramic pot will perfectly highlight the fruits of your labors without totally stealing the show. This round, low-profile planter comes in seven bright or natural finishes to complement your natural art forms, providing a pretty base for every spray of potted plants' flowers. Glazed ceramic is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, and its sturdy 5-pound weight won't tip easily. Go ahead and get a couple - you'll want them greeting friend up the front stairs to the door.

Ceramic Pot is crafted with porous Big size pot that allows plants' roots to breathe. The drainage hole prevents overwatering promoting plant health. Big size ceramic pot will develop a beautiful patina color over time.
Glazed ceramic material is porous and allows roots to breathe
Drainage hole helps protect against over watering
Large size is perfect for outdoor use
Ceramic color works well with any decor
Plant not included

Product may vary by Hoang pottery life to your surrounds and create a more welcoming environment. The possibilities are endless with so many different sizes and combinations available. These commercial grade, rebar reinforced round ceramic
 planters are ideal for planting flowers, bushes and trees. The heavy construction of concrete is strong enough to support even large root systems. Drain holes are standard.

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Big size glazed ceramic pot

Big size glazed ceramic pot

Stylish, ultra sleek and beautifully contemporary, the Big size glazed ceramic pot makes a stunning focal point in any garden setting. Ideal for patios, balconies and decking as well, this attractive planter is a must-have for forward thinking gardeners. It has been designed to form a modern shape to create an innovative centrepiece for your outdoor space.

Found in space, baby ... the glazed ceramic pot with Steel Stand is one of our new faves. Iconically representing all things Mid-century Modern - a.k.a. super hot right now - this colorful planter not only looks terrific out on the patio or deck, but also inside. It's perfect for holding magazines and whatnot in any living space, or place it on a shelf for a little flair on its own.

The glazed planter high quality resin planter will make a beautiful addition to any home or garden. This durable, lightweight planter will hold up in extreme weather, is UV protected to eliminate fading in the sun, and is resistant to chipping and cracking. Drainage holes can be easily drilled for use outdoors or left undrilled for indoor use.

Enhance the look of your outdoor space with these square or rectangular concrete planters elegantly molded to create the look of divided panels. Made of glazed ceramic planter
 for durability and strength.

These large planters are strong enough to support even large root systems and their substantial weight naturally discourages theft. Quality and durability for commercial and residential settings. Five drain holes at the bottom provide proper drainage.

Our large ceramic planter exceeds industrial strength and provides an attractive and spacious home for your plants. Heavy enough to deter theft and provide additional security/barrier protection for your property. These planters are built to last and withstand all weather conditions. Available in its natural color and finish.

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How to Create a "Stone" Trough from an old Outdoor ceramic pot

Outdoor ceramic pot for garden

If you have an old outdoor glazed flower pot that is beyond practical use in the kitchen give it a new lease of life as an aged and weathered "stone" trough in the garden or patio.

Reuse your old glazed pot . Typically they made from heavy white glazed earthenware. If you don't have one they can sometimes be obtained from architectural salvage yards or country auctions.
Thoroughly clean away all traces of grease or soap.
Obtain a can of black bitumastic sealant from good hardware store or builders merchants.
Use an old fence brush you no longer value.

Paint all around the outside, including the rim, and, to a depth of 4 inches, around the top of the interior.
Allow to dry completely.
Thoroughly mix up a dry combination of: 3 parts sharp sand; 1 part Portland cement; 1 part just slightly damp garden peat.
Make a mound of the mix with a well in the middle and gradually introduce water into the well, mixing thoroughly. Do not make the mix too sloppy or you will not get it to stay on the vertical sides of the glazed ceramic planter.
Starting from the base with a brick trowel, liberally apply the mix (about 1" thick) to the external sides. Next do the same to the interior sides. Lastly, carefully apply the mix to the rim, taking care not to dislodge the mix from the sides. Do not try to get the surfaces perfect - its supposed to resemble rough stone!
Carefully use an old stiff nylon pot brush to texture the render, but take care in your enthusiasm.
Throw handfuls of well-fragmented, dry peat at the rendered surfaces. You only need a small amount to remain all over the surface.

Leave to dry out and cure.An old damp hessian sack draped over the sink will prevent the render from drying out too quickly during hot weather or if there is a risk of frost.
When the new trough is completely hard and dry you can apply a wash of either cow manure or natural yogurt. Both will encourage mosses and lichens to colonize the rendered trough.
Carefully move the trough to its new site.
Fill the trough with good top soil mixed with well rotted compost and plant your favorite plants.
Don't be too impatient for the "stone" to colonize - it's a slow and natural process. You could take photos at regular intervals and compare the progress made - you'll be surprised.

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How to Maintain Outdoor Glazed Ceramic Planters

Maintaining your outdoor ceramic planters is an important key to keeping your plants and flowers healthy and free of pests and diseases that can contaminate your soil. Maintaining your planters will also help with making sure your plant has enough room to grow within the soil and the planter itself. Weather conditions can also affect your outdoor planters if they are not properly maintained, especially if they are stored in extremely cold temperatures that can cause your planters to freeze and crack.

Steps 1
Raise your Glazed ceramic pot off the ground to allow for proper drainage. If the drainage holes at the bottom of the planters are blocked, any moisture retained inside will cause your planter to rot.
Mount your planters on blocks to raise them off the ground or purchase "pot feet," which are decorative mounts you can place underneath your pots to allow for draining.
Store your plants inside or under a covered area during harsh weather conditions. Harsh wind, rain, hail, or snow storms can knock your large outdoor ceramic pot over and permanently break your planters.
Remove any saucers you have placed under your planters in cold weather.Excess water that drains from your planters may freeze on the saucer and cause it to crack.
Switch your plants to larger planters when they outgrow their current planters. Sometimes the roots of plants will cause your planters to split or crack if they grow too large for the ceramic pot.
Look on the bottom of your planters for roots that are growing out of the drainage holes. If the roots are growing out of the holes, you may need to re-pot your plants immediately. This will give your plants more room to grow and prevent the planters from breaking or splitting apart.

Position your tall outdoor glazed pot away from foot traffic to prevent accidents.
If you have children or pets, you may want to place your planters where they cannot be knocked over or ran into.
Sterilize your planters before and after plants have lived in them. This will prevent the plants you place in them from getting diseases caused from existing mold or parasites.
Wash out the inside of your planter with a liquid dish-washing soap and water mixture to remove any existing soil clumps or hard-water stains.
Soak the planter for at least 3 hours in a mixture of 1-part bleach and 9-parts water. If you prefer, a commercial gardening sterilizer can be used in place of the bleach mixture.
Rinse your planter under running water if it is made from plastic to remove the bleach; otherwise, soak the planter in clean water for at least 3 hours.

Treat your wooden and ceramic planters with waterproofing agents that are non-toxic. Wood and metal planters are more susceptible to rot or rust, which can also damage your plants.
Line your wooden planters with black plastic for further protection against moisture in the soil that can damage your planters. If any chemicals exist on the wood, the black plastic will also protect your plants.
Cut holes into the bottom of the black plastic so your plants can drain properly.
If you need to enforce your wooden plants with extra nails, use nails that are rust-proof.
Repair cracks in ceramic pots with polyvinyl acetate (PVA), or white, glue. The components in white glue will effectively seal any existing cracks in ceramic.

How to Make an Upside Down planter with Vietnam Outdoor glazed ceramic pot

Have you seen those expensive upside down tomato planters in Vietnam outdoor glazed pot? Don't be a fool and buy one, they get terrible reviews. Make your own. Tomatoes are vines, so they don't seem to be confused by being planted upside down, but apparently many of the critters that munch on tomato plants are. The best thing about these planters is you can use the top space to plant other things like herbs: basil, parsley and butterhead lettuce work great.

Find a five gallon Vietnam outdoor glazed pot with handle. You can buy one from the local hardware store in the paint section, but it's better to re-use. This one carried salt for a marine aquarium. Pool chemicals sometimes come in 5 gallon buckets, and even laundry detergent.

Drill a one to two inch hole in the bottom center of the ceramic pot.

After frost in your area, carefully stick a small tomato plant through the hole, leaving the root ball, soil intact in the big outdoor glazed pots.

Without squashing your plant, carefully fill the bucket with a bag of potting soil. You may want to add other things beneficial to tomatoes like blood meal.

Hang in a secure location with full sunshine.

Water from the top and keep it watered according to the needs of your plants.

Plant some seeds or herbs on the top. Some ideas include parsley, basil, radishes, lettuce, carrots and more.

Be patient. In a couple of months, you will enjoy your tomatoes, saving patio space as well as creating a conversational item.

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How to Plant a Herb in glazed ceramic Pot

You needn't have a huge herb garden to yield a variety of interesting flavours from your plants. A simple herb pot can provide you with lots of exciting plants to spice up your cooking and create a very manageable green space for a kitchen, patio or small garden area.


Select your herbs. When making a herb pot, it is essential to have a good variety of herbs and companion plants that will assist your culinary pursuits. Some good choices include:

Sweet Marjoram

Lemon Balm


Common Basil


Lime Basil




Hot Pepper

Prepare the pot.

Make sure that your pot has holes in the bottom for good drainage.
Take your gravel or grit, and pour this into the container to about a quarter of the Vietnam outdoor glazed pot's depth. This will help water drain out from the bottom of the soil.

Fill. Once the gravel is in place, start to fill the pot with a multi-purpose, or soil-based compost. This should fill approximately three quarters of the pot's remaining depth.
Start planting.

Place the herb plants into the ceramic planter pot, with about 15cm between each stem.
Squeeze each herb gently from its temporary pot, and tease the roots from the root ball; this will encourage them to spread out.

Place the taller plants in the center of the display, and the trailing ones near the edge. This will help to ensure the best growth. The display may look messy at first, but do not worry, as this will start to fill out and look lush within a few weeks.

Fill in around the planted herbs. Once you are happy with the positions, start to fill the gaps between the plants with compost.

Firmly push the compost into the gaps by pushing your fingers deep into the soil that you have just added, being careful not to damage any roots.

Add more if necessary. Leave a couple of centimeters between the pot's rim and the soil, so that the glazed outdoor pot does not overflow when watered.

Top the herbs. Cut the tops off the taller plants, roughly halving them in height. This will encourage each herb plant to bush out and provide more leaves to pick at harvest time.

Fertilize. Obtain a controlled release fertilizer.

Push 3 - 5 of these into the soil, depending on your pot size. Simply push the controlled release fertiliser deep in with your finger and then re-cover with soil. These slow-release fertilisers should last a whole season, meaning that you needn't feed the pot again.

Water. Water thoroughly, until the water starts to drain out of the bottom of the Vietnam large outdoor glazed pot. The compost needs to absorb a lot on first watering, so expect to apply four litres or so. Continue to water over the coming months, at least every few days, or when the soil seems dry. Herbs like to dry out between water, and some herbs such as Rosemary can easily be over-watered.


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How to Make Plant Markers from Broken outdoor ceramic Pots

Need to identify plants in your garden but don’t want to use those little plastic garden markers? Get creative by repurposing old, broken outdoor glazed pots to use as plant markers. You can even give the illusion that the plants are growing right out of the pots with the right angle and design.
Method 1 of 3: Deciding Where the Markers are Needed


Identify an area in your garden where pot plant markers will be effective. This will help you to gain an idea of how many markers to make. Typically you’ll need a bit of space so you can surround the planted greenery with the pot, however you could trim a potted plant in a smaller garden using a smaller size.


Measure the area around the specific plant. A tape measure is handy but even eyeballing the area to determine the pot size will work well too.
Method 2 of 3: Making the Plant Markers


Choose a ceramic pot piece for each specific plant. Since each plant may take up a different amount of space, you'll want to customize the marker for each plant’s size.


Write the plant name around the top of the glazed ceramic pot piece. Make sure it's written clearly so that you can read the name.
Consider using a stencil to create uniformity. This takes more effort but might be best for a showpiece area of your garden, such as a herb garden or a special vegetable plot.
Allow time for the writing on the pot piece to dry before adding it to the plant area.
Method 3 of 3: Positioning the Plant Marker

Embed the pot around or near the plant. Try a few positions before deciding where it sits best (don’t embed the pot deeply into the soil until you are sure you like the location). Done!
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Line your garden area with broken pot pieces instead of using a traditional border.
Add flourishes such as leaves or love hearts to the pot marker for interest.

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How to Grow a Container Garden with an outdoor glazed pot

It is still possible to enjoy gardening even if one does not have a large yard. Container gardening utilizes smaller spaces on patios, decks or other sunlit areas to grow your favorite vegetables in outdoor glazed pots.

Choose a sunlit area to place the plants. Make sure they have plenty of room between them to grow and be watered.
Decide which plants you want to grow. Not all vegetables can be grown this way; choose varieties that are designed for pot growth. Since space for the plant is limited, choose plants that don't need a large radius to thrive. An easy way to know is that the plant name will have words such as "patio", "bush," "dwarf" or "miniature" in the title (good examples of these are toyboy tomato, patio tomato etc.) Bush plants and root plants such as peppers, onions, and carrots will also do well.
Choose a good glazed planter. Each plant needs at least a 5 gallon container to grow to prevent it from being root bound. Smaller ceramic garden pots may be useful for smaller plants or root plants. Also each pot needs to have drain holes to prevent root rot. Avoid terracotta or dark colored pots which dry out quickly. Cans can also be used. Tin cans are generally good for smaller plants like herbs, while larger cans can sometimes accommodate small veggies.
Choosing potting soil. It is usually best to use bagged potting soil for your outdoor ceramic garden pot because it already has the balanced nutrition your plants will need. It is also free of bacteria and bugs that are in ground soil. Good potting soil will have a mix of peat moss and vermiculite. Each type of crop will require slightly different soil mixtures and planting depths, so make sure to plant accordingly.
Check the moisture of the soil at least two times a day. Potted gardens need more watering than regular gardens because of the confined space. Do not wait till the plant is wilting to water it.
Check to make sure plants are getting around 5 hours of direct sunlight a day. Some plants, such as cabbage, can live in shaded areas, but others thrive in full sun like cucumbers.
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Ceramic Resin Ella Teak Tall Planter

The Ella Tall Ceramic Planter will enhance the look of your indoor or outdoor decor with towering design and an interesting swirl pattern. Combined with a durable construction of stone and resin, you'll be enjoying this one-of-a-kind planter for years to come. Order yours today.

Perfect to showcase your plants, this attractive and stylish Tall Ceramic Planter looks great indoors or outdoors. Manufactured from clay, which takes away the drawbacks of using ceramics, this planter is a contemporary design of a very traditional and classic product. It will enhance any area needing a stunning visual impact.

Planters make it possible for anyone to experience the joy of gardening and provide the opportunity to cultivate and produce favourite herbs, vegetables as well as plants, flowers, shrubs and even small trees.

I love these planters and have ordered some more. I have patio roses in them and they absolutely fabulous.These planters are lovely and in a small garden they work really well. Bought two and then bought more!

14" Planter - 14Lx14Wx13D

18" Planter - 18Lx18Wx17D
22" Planter - 22Lx22Wx21D

Material        tall Ceramic pot

Shape           Round

Brand            Hoang pottery
Usage            Indoor , Outdoor
Hoang Pottery Ltd is Vietnam pottery supplier of the highest quality service to all customers at reasonable prices over a wide range of products covering indoor pottery, outdoor glazed lines (flower pot), terracotta, terrazzo, cement, black clay, vases, fiberglass, fiberstone and others. Our policy of total quality management is fully applied to guarantee the quality, productivity, corporate values as well as social and environmental compliance.