Tall ceramic outdoor pot

Tall ceramic outdoor pot

   Tall ceramic outdoor pots the geometric design suits the clean lines of contemporary architecture and planting, combined with a contemporary high gloss finish these planters are a very popular choice of outdoor glazed ceramics pot for any modern garden.
The material that makes up this line of our vietnam pottery is actually a mix of clays that are pressed by molds and fired in high temperature kilns which produces a strong, impervious flower pot that does not absorb water. This water resistance of our outdoor glazed ceramic planter is the secret to long life and resistance to freezing

TALL C001  5d x 113h



  40s x 88h


      TALL C003 SET/3
 37s x 89h - 28s x 64h - 18s x 42h

             TALL C009 SET/3
    40d x 70h - 30d x 50h 20d x 36h

Here is a representative sample of our tall ceramic outdoor pots  collection. Download our catalog for a more comprehensive selection. If you would like pricing for a custom design, visit "Contact us" or visit www.trunganpottery.com section and submit details.

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